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S. Wolinetz
Randolph J. Silverstein

Sparrow Group

As President and CEO of Sparrow, Randolph (Randy) Silverstein combines his years in the construction industry and business acumen to run a company which successfully operates in several arenas: property development, construction, real estate, property management and security.

Since its inception, the 26-year old company has become a major force in the New York construction industry, responsible for high-profile distinguished and historic building projects such as Gouverneur Court and the Hanover Building to contemporary new construction projects including the Fashion Institute of Technology, Knickerbocker Square and the Winchester in Bronxville.

Randy has implemented best-in-practice strategies such as an in-house “security school,” automated project control systems and a “team management” system enabling Sparrow to successfully complete even the most challenging projects, including government agency-sponsored “gut rehabs”, new high-rises, new one and two-family low to middle income housing and multi-unit luxury townhouse development.

The company and its management are consistently lauded for their ability to handle challenging projects requiring creative solutions such as major urban rehab or complex, multi-agency assignments.

Prior to founding Sparrow, Randy was in business with his father, Sidney at Graphic Building Systems, where he ultimately rose to General Superintendent of Construction.

While at Graphic, Randy’s duties included coordinating over 600 field personnel at an average of 20 active job sites. He also coordinated the complex logistics of product and service purchasing, negotiations with union and local community organizations, providing jobsite security and administration of Graphic’s internal warehousing and delivery services.

One of the innovations he brought to the company was the development of “floating” labor force which reduced the necessary work force size needed to maintain progress at job sites. This experience and eye for innovation led Randy to form his own company, Sparrow in 1981.

Randy began his career in the building industry as a carpenter after attending both Hofstra University and the University of Portland’s Multnomah School of Engineering.

He lives in Pelham with his wife and two children and is active in The Pelham Jewish Center, Bronx-Manhattan North Association of Realtors, International Who’s Who of Professionals, Sub Contractor Trade Association, National Association of Home Builders, New York State Builders Association, Associated Builders and Owners of New York and National Realtors Association to name a few.

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